Brand Stories

  • Remodeling Their Business

    Ply Gem Industries, Inc., was a holding company that consisted of more than a dozen companies offering siding, windows and doors, stone veneer, fence and railing. But they didn’t all live under one roof, so to speak. They all had different names with no connection to the parent company. Cross-selling was nonexistent. In some cases, Ply Gem companies were competing against one another for sales. All this in the worst housing market in decades.

  • Making Brand New Brands

    In 2002, our first challenge was how to unite their portfolio of brands into one overall brand experience. Working in tandem with the client, we helped re-launch each brand with a “by Ply Gem” endorsement and then consolidated their window, stone, trim, fencing and accent brands under the Ply Gem name to communicate a single family of brands backed by a strong, stable parent.

  • All Together Now

    With all these products working together, Ply Gem now offered the most complete product line in the industry. So we decided to build on that strength with the creation of The Designed Exterior by Ply Gem—shifting the company’s sales focus from individual product specs to showcasing architecturally authentic home styles built entirely with low-maintenance Ply Gem products. By developing helpful tools like design field guides, architectural palettes, a color selection app and home visualizer, we are teaching builders and homeowners how to create their own Designed Exterior. It’s working. More and more builders are placing orders for multiple Ply Gem product lines, all brands live under one Ply Gem site for easy cross-selling and their products are now appearing in Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menards across the country … and even in Canada.