Brand Stories


    Being a Chick-fil-A Operator is more like being a small-business owner—who happens to be supported by the largest chicken quick-service restaurant chain in the country. But not everyone knows that. Add to that Chick-fil-A’s highly selective process and it makes finding qualified candidates like finding an egg in a haystack. To help them get in front of the right people to run stores in their new markets, Chick-fil-A felt it was time to brand their Operators and came to us for help.


    We needed to bring to life what it means to be a Chick-fil-A Operator. We had to connect emotionally with people while changing their perceptions of the quick-service industry. First, we developed the Operator brand story then created a teaser campaign that set up the opportunity, and finally came introductory communications that talked about the opportunity in a real way.


    To tell the story, we created a video that set the tone with an emotional message capturing the mindset of our ideal candidate while laying out the opportunity before them. The video is the intro to a new microsite we developed that serves as the hub for all things Operator—from learning about the backgrounds of current Operators to taking a little quiz to see if you are right for the job. We also executed a teaser campaign with referral cards and digital banners inviting the right people to find their dream job. And yes, in the end, it sounded so good we wanted to apply for the job ourselves, but it would be weird to be our own client.