Brand Stories


    QC Holdings began as a family-owned, rent-to-own furniture store. Then they started helping people who were short on money. Turns out they were pretty good at that. Twenty years later, they had short-term loan stores all over the country. Unfortunately, they had different names, looks and experiences all over the country, too. And were on the verge of offering a new online product which had the potential to fragment the brand even more. Nonetheless, people loved them (employees and customers alike)—even though they were in an industry that suffered from negative perceptions. They had something good going; they just needed to bring it all together. Wonder who they needed to call?


    Spoiler alert! It was us. QC had the business and a great story but had just never aligned it all. This need for unity became more pressing as the company grew. We dived in and worked with them to research what made them different. And found out what was real. Both employees and customers pointed to the approachable, friendly, caring nature of the company. Bingo. So we proceeded to develop the brand story and brand personas to bring the truth to life.


    We developed a new brand that was real and relevant to both employees and customers. And created an online experience that was as customer-friendly and helpful as you’d find at any location, therefore more closely tied to their brand story. This brand experience will eventually live both online and offline in retail spaces across the country. We love it when a brand comes together.